Union of European Piano Tuners and Technicians Associations

Europiano is a union of 17 independent national piano tuner and technicians associations.
The main purpose is to be a forum for the craftsmen in the field of piano technology, in Europe, to support their professional and commercial interests, and thus to make the best contribution in preserving the cultural value of keyboard instruments and their music.
The association publishes important association news and technical articles on various topics in piano making every quarter in its association magazine. It organizes a congress every three years in one of the member countries. One of the main tasks is the training and further education of members. The association offers seminars and exams for members without the opportunity to attend state schools and take exams.

Europiano was founded in 1950 in Ludwigsburg and is registred at the Chamber of Commerce Zürich under number CHE-100.340.927 


The members of the Europiano associations meet at several occasions:

The general meeting

The delegates meeting

The Europiano Congress

The executive committee

Consists of the president, three vice presidents, the treasurer and the secretary. The executive committee has meetings on a regular basis 3 – 4 times a year. All elected representatives and committee members are working voluntarily. The only paid staffs is the secretary and the editor of the magazine “Europiano”. All official actions and documentation is presented in the three official languages of Europiano: English, German and French.

Europiano is less tight than similar organizations elsewhere in the world. It is more like a partnership. Our greatest challenge is the many different languages within Europe. But throughout more than six decades, a firm and enduring willingness from its members has helped Europiano overcome this. In a nut shell, - this is the purpose of the union Europiano.

 The History of Europiano