The Board & Commitees

The Executive Committee, or Board, consists of the president, three vice-presidents, the treasurer and the secretary. The executive committee meets on a regular basis, normally 3 – 4 times a year. All elected representatives and committee members work on a volunteer basis. Both the secretary and the editor of the magazine “Europiano” receive an honorarium for the work they do. All official actions and documentation are presented in the three official languages of Europiano: English, German and French.
Europiano has a more relaxed approach than similar organizations elsewhere in the world, and acts more like a partnership. The greatest challenge Europiano faces is communicating with so many languages involved, but throughout more than six decades, and with a firm and enduring willingness from its members, Europiano has managed to overcome this. This willingness to cooperate demonstrates the unifying effect Europiano has.

The executive committee – the board of Europiano

 Gunther Schaible  Franz Nistl  Michiel van Loon    Dieter Frölich  Monika Pfaff
Gunther W. Schaible
Vice president
Franz Nistl
Vice president
Michiel van Loon
Vice president
Gessica Piatino
Dieter Frölich
Monika Pfaff

The degree commitee

Committee leader:
Gunther W. Schaible
Martin Locke
Carlos Mora

The editors team

Andreas Harke
Robbert Westera
Baldiri Borrell Sole

The auditors