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Information on Sending Contributions
to the Europiano Magazine

Europiano welcomes contributions of technical articles and letters for the Forum. The deadline dates apply to current, short reports which need no editing or translating. Please send all other texts as early as possible.
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Always include:
Title and the author's name
Please mail the texts without photos/graphics as Word file (*.doc) or as ASCII-Text to
All contributions will be processed in Standard Layout by Europiano; it is not necessary to supply formatted or designed texts.
Mail photos and graphics separately as single files in JPEG format. Digital photos require a resolution of 300 dpi. Please avoid unnecessarily large photo files and choose a suitable selection yourself. At the end of a text add a list of captions for each photo clearly matched to the file names.
It is advisable to consult with the editor per email or telephone before sending in contributions. A guarantee of publicising in a particular issue cannot be given.

General Requirements for Contributions
to the Europiano Magazine

The Europiano magazine has been the official trade magazine of the European Union of piano technicians and builders since 1961. For the pub¬lication of technical articles, news from the asso¬ciations and reports, the following requirements app|y:
The authors affirm that they own all necessary publication rights for the submitted texts and pictures. These rights are transferred to the EUROPIANO Union for an indefinite period for publishing in the Europiano magazine or other publications from the Union. Europiano will not transfer these submitted rights to third persons.
EUROPIANO claims ownership of the copyrights for their publications in order to protect the authors from unlawful exploitation by third persons. The authors retain the right, at any time, to publicise in other publications the articles they have contributed to Europiano. Any requests for permission to reprint elsewhere will be passed on to the author. In the case of articles reprinted in other publications Europiano would appreciate a note indicating that the article was first published in the Europiano magazine.
By submitting manuscripts, illustrations or photos to Europiano, it is assumed that the contributor has agreed to the above requirements.