The IAPBT profile.

The International Association of Piano Builders and Technicians (IAPBT) was founded at the US city of Minneapolis in July 1979 initiated jointly by US and Japan associations of piano technicians.

The IAPBT is mainly designed to pursue for the more advanced technology to improve and maintain the piano quality.To this end, IAPBT make great efforts to promote the technological exchanges of piano technicians and manufacturers at the international level and strengthen their cooperation for technological research.

The IAPBT is in the system of corporate member, each of the corporate member representatives a country or a region. In case there is a corporate member in IAPBT, the individual member from the same country or region is not allowed to take part in the association. For the time being, the IAPBT members include:

APTTA(Australia Piano Technicians and Tuners Association)
CPTA(China Piano Tuners and Technicians Association)
JPTA(Japan Piano Technicians Association)
KAPT(Korea Association of Piano Tuners)
PTG(Piano Technicians Guild)
SAAPPT(South African Association for Professional Piano Tuners)
TPTA(Taiwan Piano Technicians Association)
UEPBA(Union of European Piano Builders' Associations),also called as EuroPiano;
Individual members are spread throughout countries, such as China HongKong, Greece, Republic of Cyprus, Argentina and Uzbekistan.
Euro Piano is an association of 17 countries which are the United Kingdom (2 assoc.), Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Finland, The Czech Republic, Russia, Estonia, Poland and the Netherlands.

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The IAPBT Convention

Since it was founded in 1979, IAPBT has persisted on holding the biannual meetings, which have been successfully held for 18 times. The convention to be held in Moscow is the eighteenth convention of IAPBT, and it is also the first meeting held in the mainland of Russia.
List of IAPBT Conventions (incl. time & places)

# Date Country City
1 Jul., 1979 USA Minneapolis
2 Apr., 1981 Switzerland Thun
3 May, 1983 Japan Tokyo
4 Jul., 1985 USA Kansas
5 Jul., 1987 Canada Toronto
6 Jun., 1989 Japan Kyoto
7 Jul., 1991 ROK Seoul
8 Jun., 1993 England Colchester
9 Jun., 1995 USA Albuquerque
10 Jun., 1997 Switzerland Emmetten
11 May, 1999 Japan Hamamatsu
12 May, 2001 England Bristol
13 May, 2003 Germany Dessau
14 Jun., 2005 USA Kansas
15 Jun., 2007 ROK Daegu
16 Sep., 2009 Australia Brisbane
17 Jul., 2011 Taiwan, China Taipei
18 Oct., 2013 China Hangzhou
19 Sept., 2015 Russia Moscow
20 July, 2017 USA St. Louis
21 2019 Japan Hamamatsu
22 Sept 2022 Polonia Varsavia
23 luglio 2023 U.S.A. Arlington
24 2025 Nuova Zelanda Christchurch