The Europiano Technician Degree

The Europiano Technician Degree (EPTD) first level, “Europiano Technician”, has been developed for Member Associations who do not have their own standardised education and examination programme which is at least equal to the EPTD.  Associations currently without their own examinations are:  AIARP(Italy), ASETAP(Spain), NPTF(Norway), SPTF(Sweden), EKK(Estonia), Lithuanian Association of piano tuners (LFDA), DPIF(Denmark), APM(Russia), CKS(Check Rep.), ABPT(UK), SPSF(Poland).  The EPTD is available for members of these associations..

The next upcoming exam:

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Application, costs and more in English:
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Examination regulations in German:
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The list of Certified Europiano Technicians:

Pictures taken during the exams.