Organization Journal degree exam

Who can be tested?
Everyone who tunes and regulates professionally pianos and grand pianos can be invited at the request of an Europiano examination. The admission of the candidate is up to the board of examination.
How do I sign up?
Those taking the test must report to his national association, which gathers together the names and the chairman of the board of examiners and the Europiano office reports. In the message the name, first name, address and date and place to be specified, an e-mail address is also helpful.
In exceptional circumstances, a candidate may also report by himselve. The commission will decide.
How much costs this test?
The examination fee is currently € 500, - (as of summer 2022), and is paid in cash at start of test. This fee includes the use of the test models, the workshops and the vocal pianos are included.
What costs will continue to be on the test piece?
Travel, accommodation and meals during the two test days are paid by the candidate. The Commission is seeking to hold the exam on two consecutive days, which is to be tested on the first day in the afternoon and the second day morning. The evaluation takes place directly after the completion of the audit. The results can be given on the same day known.
What tools are needed?
Every candidate should bring their own tools for testing. These are: tuning tool, tools for regulating pianos and grand pianos, tools, how to obtain, as well as screwdrivers, a small saw, knives, chisels (10 mm), scissors and pliers.
What materials are needed?
Candidates should bring their usual glue and adhesives. Washers for depth and vigor and glue paper to shim the hammer capsules as needed. Other materials the commission will bring. The cost of this materials is included in the examination fee.