Congress program:

  • Historical instruments
  • The piano in Europe and its renovation
  • The piano in the Covid era
  • Lectures, seminars and workshops
  • Exhibition of instrument producers

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350 booking until March 31st 2022
400 booking until June 30th 2022
450 booking until August 31st 2022

Venue: Warsaw, Hotel**** Double Tree by Hilton

Registration and pre-sale:

Organizers: Europiano, IAPBT
National Executive Organizer:
Association of Polish Piano Tuners
Partner: The Fryderyk Chopin Institute
Association of Polish Piano Tuners
ul. Warecka 4-6, office 40a, 00-040 Warsaw, Poland
phone: +48 793 105 200 e-mail:

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1 person room 389 Polish Zloty(PLN) per night (incl. 8% VAT) = ± € 85
2 person room 454 Polish Zloty(PLN) per night (incl. 8% VAT) = ± € 99
(exchange rate January 5th 2022)

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The main topics:

Part 1 - Historical
The history of the grand piano and interesting facts related to it, experts will talk about the approach to antique models, they will touch upon the issue of renovation or copying antique instruments.
Part 2 - Modern piano
Specialists will talk about the latest solutions in the field of piano construction; hybrid instruments, innovative technologies changing the face of the instruments, trends and expectations of the users
Part 3 - Renovation
Piano renovators will talk about their work, about experiences connected with piano renovation, they will present the technical aspect of their work (used materials, types of tools, working methods)