An overview of the preliminary program


One of the most important Polish music institutions has become a Partner of Piano Congress. The Fryderyk Chopin Institute (NIFC) as an institute cares for the legacy of the Polish composer Frederic Chopin. NIFC is the organiser of one of the world's most important piano competitions, the International Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition.


NIFC organizes lectures and seminars on historical seminars.

  • History of the piano construction (prof. Benjamin Vogel).
  • Main problems/challenges in the process of reconstruction of historical pianos (prof. Gert Hecher).
  • The process of building of the copies; presentation and film about a copy of Buchholtz piano (Paul McNulty).
  • The specificity of Camille. Pleyel pianos in F. Chopin's period in Paris (Olivier Fadini).
  • Fixing the basic problems of Viennese pianos (Paul McNulty).
  • Broadwood 1846 presentation with a description of the restoration works (Andrzej Wtodarczyk).
  • Krall & Seidler 1829 presentation with a description of the restoration works (Andrzej Wtodarczyk).


  • A Simple Approach for Matching Hammer Weight and Action Ratio in the Grand Piano to Control Inertial Playing Quality (David Stanwood).
  • Pitch raising, Myths and Facts. A round table discussion on pitch raising, what works, what won't, and some of the untruths about massive pitch changes (Wim Blees).
  • Piano scale, string calculations and acoustical quantities from a piano technician's perspective (Jarkko Bjorknaes).

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  • Presentation of the system for disabled (paralyzed) pianists (Michel van Loon).
  • Practical Harpsichord Service (Jan Grossbach).
  • Sketches from the history of the Polish piano industry of the 20th century (Janusz Starzyk).
  • Grand Piano regulation. The practical seminar offers valuable tips and tricks for grand piano regulation (Joachim Leonardy, Alfred, Jahn GmBH Co.).
  • Development never stops. How to design a new upright piano. Is there anything we can improve (Tadeâs Doskocil, Petrof Pianos).

The list of speakers is not closed and applications with a proposal for the topic of the seminars are accepted at


  • On 2 September, even before the congress begins, educational activities are planned: workshops for students and teachers of music schools. We want to give students the opportunity to play the exhibition instruments. For the youngest participants a „Workshop on building a contemporary piano with Lego blocks" is planned.
  • Also on 2 September, a training with Paul McNulty on intonation of historical instruments is scheduled. This is an extra paid training, for a limited number of participants, which will take place at the NIFC premises.
  • The Congress will be inaugurated at the Royal Castle in Warsaw by a concert on historical instruments. The concert will take place on September 2nd in the evening.
  • At the end of the Piano Congress - on September 4th - Slawomir Zubrzycki will perform, giving a concert on the Viola Organista. This was the first string instrument whose description has survived to the present day. The originator of the idea of the instrument called viola organista was Leonardo da Vinci.

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